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Meet Myriam,
Owner & Founder

Myriam Sanchez is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. She has been helping adults and teenagers, couples and families, navigate life's challenges and reconnect with their best selves since 2013.


In 2019, she opened Your Family Wellness Village, a mental health practice focusing on perinatal, couples, and family work. She knows how lonely private practice can be, so her wish is to provide a place for solopreneurs in healthcare or wellness-related fields to call home, connect with others, and grow.


Myriam tries her best to balance her busy life as a mom of 2 school-aged children and a Goldendoodle, by doing yoga, cooking and baking, and spending quality time with her husband and family. She knows it's impossible to hit the 100% mark all the time, so she works daily at giving herself grace and self-compassion (especially on those busy weeks when patience is exhausted, and the kids eat leftover takeout from 2 days ago).


She hopes to pay forward all the love and support she has received as she pursued her dreams of opening multiple businesses.

Myriam Sanchez, MA, LCPC, Owner of Cohera
Myriam Sanchez, MA, LCPC, Owner


COHERA is more than a coworking space.


COHERA is what you make it to be. 

It can be a community; a place for you to grow, connect, and not be alone in your entrepreneurial journey. 


It can be a place to consult; learn from other professionals and get help starting up or maintaining your business, your way.

It can also be your work safe haven; a place for you to come in and work peacefully, your quiet place to get away from outside distractions and get into your zone of genius.

You make COHERA to fit YOUR needs, YOUR personality, YOUR schedule. We are just here to support you and help you design the work environment and practice of your dreams.

At COHERA we serve both health providers and our community!



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